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In the city of Torrance covering all of South Bay Area, Omni Dental Art provides procedures that use high-end technology in cosmetic, implants, general dentistry, laser dentistry, teeth whitening, emergency dentistry, pediatric dentistry and more. Implant dentistry in Torrance has helped thousands patients at a affordable rates. Omni Dental Art makes cosmetic dentistry in Torrance available to patients and provides Cerec same day veneers or crowns. Providing treatments options at an affordable prices and low monthly plans are available for qualified patients.  We make it possible to give patients the best care possible and our friendly, caring, and loving team treats patients like a family. The use of 3D Sirona technology makes it possible for the dentist to have guided dental implant. These systems interact with the 3D milling machine and the end results are amazing with precise measurements that can create cosmetic dentistry in higher level. At Omni Dental Arts in Torrance can help you with the smile you have always wanted. The art of dentistry start with a smile and our office provides treatment options that can help you every step of the way.

Benefits of Placing Dental Implant 

•  Improved appearance 
•   Dental implants look and 
     feel like your own teeth 
•   Improved speech 
•   Improved comfort​

•   Improved self-esteem 
•   Improved oral health 
•   Durability 
•   Convenience
•   Easier eating 


Benefits of Teeth Cleaning 

•  Prevent cavities

•  Stop tooth loss
•  Brighten your smile
•  Freshen your breath
•  Boost your overall health
•  Save money



Omni Dental Art
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Omni Dental Art

3500 lomita Blvd Suite #201

Torrance, Ca 90505


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Omni Dental Art

3500 Lomita Blvd
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