The least invasive treatment and amazing visible changes to a beautiful smile that most patient want in seeing immediate results is this procedure. At our office with enamel recontouring, Dr. Azim can reshape your teeth in a in this amazing cosmetic procedure in only one office visit.

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What is Enamel Recontouring?
Enamel recontouring is dental procedure that creates straight, beautifully aligned, sparkling white teeth by altering the leght, shape, or position of the patients teeth. With this procedure Dr. Azim can provide you with a beautiful looking smile by smoothing out any crack or chips in the teeth. Also Dr. Azim can make your teeth look symmetrical and can fix the minor overlapping of the teeth.
How is Enamel Recontouring performed?
Dr. Azim will examine your teeth and sees what needs to be done for procedure to be very effective. Before starting the procedure, Dr. Azim will create a guide and mark your teeth where correction is going to be made. This process helps with the entire procedure and it like map guide that Dr. Azim will use to slowely reshape the surface enamel. Enamel recontouring is procedure that can be done in one visit. Most patient does not require the use anesthesia because this procedure is painless.
Who is a good candidate for Enamel Recontouring?
Enamel recontouring is an ideal treatment option for anyone wishing to correct minor flaws in their smile. Enamel recontouring is amazing treatment for individual wanting to to correct minor damages in their smile that they are not happy with and want to improve their smile. 
-Enamel recontouring can:
-Make teeth more symmetrical
-Correct minor tooth overlapping
-Fix cracks or chips on the surface of the teeth
-Correct minor alignment concerns
-Reshape teeth by making them more rounded or more squared
How can I learn more about Enamel Recontouring?
Dr. Azim is experienced dentist at our offices will be happy to discuss porcelain inlays and onlays in Los Angeles with you. Please feel free to call Torrance location(310) 325-0684 to schedule an appointment our Los Angles offices.

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